Cory Dornbusch

Cory Dornbusch

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First Name * Cory
Last Name * Dornbusch
Username * Dermont
Country * USA
City Germantown
Nationality American
Languages English




I am a QA tester for Bethesda Softworks. With credit on Fallout 3 for tester and Additional World Art. Along with other titles under the Zenimax family of games.

I have an AS in Computer Animation from Fullsail and Certificate in Animation Mentors Advance character animation. I always wanted to be a Computer Animator even before I knew what the job was called and even before seeing "Toy Story" or "Jurassic Park" when they came out. I wanted to make my own VR game system that I was pretty adamant about when I was younger. Also the usual movies like Star Wars, Back to future, Tron, Terminator 2 (First R movie and I was 7!), and Never Ending Story would be the catalyst for that to also. :)

Who I'd like to meet: Bill Gates, Ron Gilbert and most of all Tim Schafer heck I want to work for him :D